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Death Note
Death Note
Scanlation Team(s) : We, The Fans
Status : in progress
Mangaka : OBATA Takeshi, OOBA Tsugumi
Numbers of volumes in Japan : 7
Synopsis :
What would you do if you had the power to choose when and where someone died? Yagami Light (Raito) knows. The 'notebook' that allows such a power once belonged to a very bored Grim Reaper named Ryuk (Ryuuku). Being too bored in the Reaper relm, he 'drops' one of his death note's (the notebook) in the human relm. Not knowing the destiny that now belongs to him, Raito picks up the deathnote that seemed to be dropped from the sky. The words on the notebook say that by writing the name of someone in the book, they will die at the time and the way that the writer wishes. Raito is the original Kira that starts killing all humans that he feels deserve to die, such as criminals. With all the killings taking place by Kira, Agent L vows to bring Kira to justice. Agent L is just as mysterious as Kira, never showing his face, he can solve any case given to him. His intelligence is far higher than any other personand he has many resources. As the manga goes on, other characters enter the seemingly never-ending war between L and Kira. Who will win?

synopsis by Chaos

Name Size Downloads Date
Death Note ch064 5.73 MB 5141 2005-07-27
Death Note ch063 3.20 MB 4541 2005-06-19
Death Note ch062 4.38 MB 4837 2005-06-05
Death Note ch061 4.15 MB 5641 2005-05-19
Death Note ch060 9.86 MB 6412 2005-04-27
Death Note ch059 3.18 MB 3949 2005-03-09
Death Note ch058 Spoiler Parody 1021.88 KB 2199 2005-02-24
Death Note ch058 2.77 MB 2847 2005-02-24
Death Note ch057 4.05 MB 2778 2005-02-20
Death Note ch056 2.66 MB 2644 2005-02-09
Death Note ch055 3.04 MB 2707 2005-02-09
Death Note ch054 3.54 MB 4722 2005-01-26
Death Note ch053 3.49 MB 4935 2005-01-21
Death Note v06 28.83 MB 3638 2005-01-20
Death Note v05 27.06 MB 4292 2004-11-11
Death Note v04 29.28 MB 4474 2004-09-25
Death Note v03 22.93 MB 4180 2004-06-22
Death Note v02 24.44 MB 4467 2004-05-24
Death Note v01 24.96 MB 6293 2004-03-17
Death Note Pilot 10.31 MB 1881
Death Note Parody 3.07 MB 1381
Death Note Halloween 1.42 MB 1309
Death Note - Fan Art 4.72 MB 1150
Death Note - Akamaru 553.60 KB 1282

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