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This page contains few links that may help you.


First, if you want to link us, please feel free to use one of these buttons : (if you think that those buttons suck, send us better ones ;p)
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Kirika's guide: An irc guide that you should read if you want to use irc.
Soldats: An irc tutorial
HNG's irc tutorial : Another nice tutorial made by Kimyoutora :p (my fserve was used as an example that's why i put it^^)

MANGA related stuff

For scanlations teams, check out the Teams section of this website, this should be enough. If you want more, here is the list :
Manga Jouhou :
A listing of many scanlations teams (eng only) and their recent releases.
Dailymanga :
A listing of many scanlations teams (fr and eng) and their recent releases.
Baka-updates Manga :
Listing of many scanlations teams (eng only) and their recent releases.


Tokyotosho :
A BitTorrent Library for Japanese Media (anime, manga, music etc...)
Animesuki :
Listing of unlicenced anime releases trough Bittorrent.
Baka-Updates :
Listing of anime releases (fansub and DVDrip)


Squiggle-manga :
Moustachio's website, hosts manga scanlated by nexGear and gives links to other http manga download sites
Blubbblubb banner Blubbblubb.net :
Kingfish's website, hosts recents releases and also some that you request.
Tidwah :
Tidwah's website, hosts a lot of good series of many scanlations teams.
MangaDownload :
a great website with a lot of series.
Well that's all....will add more links later if i'm not too lazy :p

Contact : kago.souhaku@gmail.com