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Fire Candy
Fire Candy
Scanlation Team(s) : Snoopycool
Status : in progress
Mangaka : IMAMURA Natsuo
Numbers of volumes in Japan : Unknown
Synopsis :
To save the future of the human race, scientist have found a way to combine DNA from other animals to create human children. However, as comes with any great diversity these new children are persecuted unnecessarily and so in they form gangs. But most of these children are addicted to a drug, a drug that might just make them explode. This drug is called "Fire Candy"! As a pre-emptive warning, this series contains adult themes and some nudity and generally speaking is quite graphic.

synopsis by GreatTeacherStone

Name Size Downloads Date
Fire Candy v02 ch01 10.84 MB 2214 2005-04-04
Fire Candy v01 ch09 11.53 MB 3153 2004-12-26
Fire Candy v01 ch08 9.19 MB 2913 2004-12-26
Fire Candy v01 ch07 8.88 MB 2950 2004-12-26
Fire Candy v01 ch06 8.04 MB 2954 2004-11-19
Fire Candy v01 ch05 3.55 MB 2905 2004-11-01
Fire Candy v01 ch04 3.32 MB 2874 2004-10-19
Fire Candy v01 ch03 2.87 MB 3041 2004-10-19
Fire Candy v01 ch02 3.43 MB 3094 2004-10-19
Fire Candy v01 ch01 5.12 MB 4180 2004-10-19

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