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NaruTaru (Shadow Star)
NaruTaru (Shadow Star)
Scanlation Team(s) : Manga-Sketchbook
Status : in progress
Mangaka : KITOH Mohiro
Numbers of volumes in Japan : 12
Synopsis :
From a dying planet shall come the children of light...

While on vacation on a small island, young Shiina Tamai dives under the water near an old shrine and discovers an unearthly starfish-like creature. She nearly drowns but is rescued by the silent, wide-eyed little animal, who Shiina befriends and names Hoshimaru.

To Shiina's surprise and delight, the creature changes shape, lets Shiina stand on him, and the two fly off into the clouds. But what looks to be a young girl's ultimate fantasy soon takes a darker turn as Shiina and Hoshimaru become entangled in a struggle between rival extraterrestrial factions who battle in the skies upon huge alien beasts called Shadow Dragons, with the fate of Earth hanging in the balance.

Synopsis from Manga-Sketchbook Website

Name Size Downloads Date
NaruTaru v06 26.41 MB 1034 2005-09-20
NaruTaru v05 32.89 MB 907 2005-09-20
NaruTaru v04 23.44 MB 901 2005-09-20
NaruTaru v03 19.59 MB 1006 2005-09-20
NaruTaru v02 22.06 MB 1059 2005-09-20
NaruTaru v01 29.80 MB 5495 2005-09-20

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