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Mr Fullswing
Mr Fullswing
Scanlation Team(s) : Ignition-One
Status : in progress
Mangaka : SUZUKI Shinya
Numbers of volumes in Japan : 15
Synopsis :
Saruno Amakuni has no luck with girls...for the most obvious reasons:
  1. He's a pervert
  2. He's not particularly good looking
  3. He's a big time liar, and it's very VERY obvious
  4. Intelligence of a 5 yr old
Only thing about him that is advantageous is his monster strength. He uses this one advantage to full use to chase the girl of his dream, Torii Nagi, manager of the baseball team. This manga tells a story of Amakuni fighting with baseball to impress Nagi.
WARNING: Could die laughing & Nudity (censored)


Name Size Downloads Date
Mr Fullswing v02 c17 3.37 MB 2447 2005-06-13
Mr Fullswing v02 c16 3.53 MB 2387 2005-06-12
Mr Fullswing v02 25.24 MB 3639 2004-10-30
Mr Fullswing v01 24.45 MB 4251 2004-04-25

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