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Scanlation Team(s) : Evil Genius
Status : finished
Mangaka : Unknown
Numbers of volumes in Japan : Unknown
Synopsis :
Middle school dropout Kamina Yoshihito stands infront of the school that he failed to enter, Magikou High. The schools empty, that is until he broke the barrier and entered the school. He finds himself in a not-empty-at-all school of magic and chaos. The principal accepts him into the school because of the circumstances. But this is a school of magic, can he hide the fact that he was....normal? Will he lie to the girl of his dreams Hoshizaki Kozue? This may have a typical storyline, but it is hilarious, the characters are very funny and pweeti!

synopsis by Devilz_Deed

Name Size Downloads Date
MP0 v01c01 19.03 MB 7264 2005-01-15

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