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Scanlation Team(s) : Hikaru no Go Translations
Status : in progress
Mangaka : FUJISAWA Touru
Numbers of volumes in Japan : 3
Synopsis :
Shindou just became a new investigator for Tokki: The Special Mobile Investigation Force. On the day of his graduation, he finally saw the half-naked girl that he had always saw in his dream in real life and finds out that she's part of Tokko: The Special Public Safety Task Force. Shindou ends up joining Tokko to revenge his parents' death who's bodies were ripped into pieces...

synopsis from Animewaves

Name Size Downloads Date
Tokko ep04 Part B 6.58 MB 5209
Tokko ep04 Part A 7.08 MB 5107
Tokko ep03 Part B 4.27 MB 4453
Tokko ep03 Part A 4.28 MB 4595
Tokko ep02 Part B 7.07 MB 4859
Tokko ep02 Part A 7.38 MB 5113
Tokko ep01 Part B 6.44 MB 4786
Tokko ep01 Part A2 3.48 MB 4670
Tokko ep01 Part A1 4.91 MB 5349
Tokko ep00 5.21 MB 6465

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