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Rozen Maiden
Rozen Maiden
Scanlation Team(s) : BNC Scanlation
Status : in progress
Mangaka : Peach-Pit
Numbers of volumes in Japan : 4
Synopsis :
Rozen Maiden is the story of a boy, Jun, who won't go to school and stays locked up in his room all day ordering stuff from the Internet. His sister tries to get him to come eat dinner with her or actually go to school, but he stubbornly remains locked in his room. Then one day he plays along with a slip of paper he gets, putting in his drawer and saying he accepts their offer - only to trip over a suitcase which appears in his room with a doll inside... The doll calls herself Shinku, a Rozen Maiden, and generally looks down on Jun and orders him around - which is unsurprising once she makes him into her servant after an animated clown flies in through the window and attacks~

synopsis from Jascii.net

Name Size Downloads Date
Rozen Maiden v02 c05 9.91 MB 2862 2005-06-25
Rozen Maiden v02 c04 10.26 MB 3841 2005-06-25
Rozen Maiden v02 c03 9.45 MB 2769 2005-02-01
Rozen Maiden v02 c02 10.14 MB 3705 2004-12-04
Rozen Maiden v02 c01 12.62 MB 3858 2004-11-24
Rozen Maiden v01 c06 9.07 MB 3635
Rozen Maiden v01 c05 8.86 MB 4007
Rozen Maiden v01 c04 10.44 MB 3873
Rozen Maiden v01 c03 11.22 MB 4280
Rozen Maiden v01 c02 6.68 MB 4644
Rozen Maiden v01 c01 12.45 MB 7511

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