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Scanlation Team(s) : Eternal-Blue, Hikaru no Go Translations
Status : finished
Mangaka : KOTEGAWA Yua
Numbers of volumes in Japan : 2
Synopsis :
A girl who lost her memory... sounds typical for storyline... ya its true. but it is good, trust me. this story is about a girl, maki, who has some special ability to see and communicate with ghosts, and even allowing other people to see ghost. together with police inspector murakami and his sidekick, nakabayashi, the trio have solved cases after cases... with no evidence whatsoever to back them up, caused them to keep demoting... sad case... Overall this is quite a good story, with some humours and cute drawings, this is a story worth reading. I give it a 7.5/10.

synopsis by flashnicloe

Name Size Downloads Date
Arcana v02 c13 7.74 MB 5219 2004-12-17
Arcana v02 c12 5.60 MB 4525 2004-12-17
Arcana v02 c11 5.68 MB 4560 2004-12-17
Arcana v02 c10 5.12 MB 4969 2004-12-09
Arcana v02 c09 5.28 MB 4824 2004-12-09
Arcana v02 c08 5.78 MB 5164 2004-12-04
Arcana v02 c07 6.91 MB 5054 2004-11-30
Arcana v01 c06 6.19 MB 5050 2004-11-26
Arcana v01 c05 5.48 MB 5057 2004-11-26
Arcana v01 c04 5.42 MB 5657 2004-11-13
Arcana v01 c03 5.94 MB 5569
Arcana v01 c02 5.40 MB 6055
Arcana v01 c01 7.11 MB 6812
Arcana v01 c00 8.96 MB 9972

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