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Busou Renkin
Busou Renkin
Scanlation Team(s) : Manga-Otakus, Null
Status : in progress
Mangaka : WATSUKI Nobuhiro
Numbers of volumes in Japan : 8
Synopsis :
Kazuki was doing the chivalrus thing when he saved that girl, but he ended up dying in the process. Luckily he wakes up anyway but now with a powerful weapon for a heart. Takiko the girl he tried to save is actually a warrior of a different breed and she saved him. In order to repay her he joins in the battle against a crew of evil menasses. Some say that Nobuhiro Watsuki is one trick pony. I like to think that this series is proof that such is not true. Definitely a series that just keeps getting better as it goes on.

synopsis by GreatTeacherStone

Name Size Downloads Date
Busou Renkin v02 c08 3.95 MB 3019 2005-06-09
Busou Renkin v01 c07 3.53 MB 3409 2005-02-12
Busou Renkin v01 c06 3.80 MB 3271 2005-02-03
Busou Renkin v01 c05 3.65 MB 3787 2004-12-19
Busou Renkin v01 c04 3.69 MB 3939 2004-12-09
Busou Renkin v01 c03 3.80 MB 4043 2004-11-26
Busou Renkin v01 c02 3.64 MB 4508 2004-11-26
Busou Renkin v01 c01 13.23 MB 8065 2004-11-13

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