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Balance : -$90.26

2005-10-05Pawat Chusilp$14.11 2005-09-05Server fees (09/06 to 10/05)$90.52
2005-10-04Tony Williams III$4.50 2005-07-23Server fees (08/06 to 09/05)$90.52
2005-09-28Michael Pleier$9.31 2005-07-08Server fees (07/06 to 08/05)$90.52
2005-09-25Davis Morgan$9.31 2005-06-20Domain name$17.25
2005-09-05Ana Vaz$14.11 2005-06-15Server fees$99.00
2005-08-10Tao Tao$4.50
2005-08-09brian beal$4.50
2005-07-26Glenn Ryall$9.31
2005-07-25Yoon Tae Seong$3.54
2005-07-19Quincy Weimerbo$9.31
2005-07-18EDDY ROCHARD$19.02
2005-07-16Jayne Groll$4.50
2005-07-16Kokuei Chen$1.62
2005-07-15Thomas Wiley$4.50
2005-06-30Google Adsense$185.41
Total : $297.55Total : $387.81

For some explanations, we began with 2 servers to see which was the best deal.
So we hold onto only one, the cheaper, since there wasn't much difference.
And the donations are shown after Paypal fees were withdrawn.

Contact : kago.souhaku@gmail.com