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Benkei In New-York
Benkei In New-York
Scanlation Team(s) : Manga-Sketchbook
Status : finished
Mangaka : MORI Jinpachi, TANIGUCHI Jirou
Numbers of volumes in Japan : 1
Synopsis :
Benkei is just another expatriate Japanese artist living in the Big Apple. Or so it appears. As these "diabolical hard-boiled stories" show, surfaces aren't always what they seem. Flashbacks delve into sordid, secret past lives, and old scores, long festering, emerge without warning, asking to be settled. And Benkei's secret? Maybe it's just that he's the only artist in town who isn't dreaming of being a hitman-for-hire. He is one.

Synopsis from Manga-Sketchbook Website

Name Size Downloads Date
Benkei v01 42.20 MB 1227 2005-09-20

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