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Scanlation Team(s) : Mangass
Status : in progress
Mangaka : SEGAWA Masaki, YAMADA Fuutarou
Numbers of volumes in Japan : 5
Synopsis :
Just when a key marriage of two members of opposite clans would end an age old war between ninjas, the government flares it up once more. Now in beautifully drawn art ninjas must battle viciously to discover the greatest clan. This seemingly bizarre take on the romeo and juliet idea actually turns out to be a bit more deep than it originally lets on. Don't think of naruto when reading this, it's a whole different way of thinking about ninjas.

synopsis by GreatTeacherStone

Name Size Downloads Date
Basilisk v03 c15 7.61 MB 1756 2005-10-16
Basilisk v03 c14 9.45 MB 2182 2005-10-12
Basilisk v02 c13 5.70 MB 2282 2005-09-11
Basilisk v02 c12 6.54 MB 2851 2005-07-27
Basilisk v02 c11 6.60 MB 2513 2005-07-11
Basilisk v02 c10 6.76 MB 2408 2005-07-11
Basilisk v02 c09 8.04 MB 3015 2005-06-29
Basilisk v02 c08 7.39 MB 3520 2005-06-05
Basilisk v02 c07 4.14 MB 3935 2005-04-03
Basilisk v01 38.16 MB 7270 2005-03-19

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