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NHK Ni Youkoso !
NHK Ni Youkoso !
Scanlation Team(s) : Evil Genius
Status : in progress
Mangaka : OIWA Kendi, TAKIMOTO Tatsuhiko
Numbers of volumes in Japan : 2
Synopsis :

There's a huge conspiracy in Japanese society. The famous TV channel, NHK, brainwashes everyone with extreme cuties, making them starve for an nonexistant ideal... or so thinks the main character, Satou.

After living totally secluded (hikikomori) for 4 years, he meets one of his kouhai, and start developing ero-ero games with him. On the other hand, he meets with a (girl) sempai he used to love, and Misaki, who tries to help him cure his hikikomori...

A well-plotted critic of the modern Japan, broaching many topics such as suicide, paranoia, lolita complex, drugs, seclusion, lack of self-confidence, etc. The whole put through weird but really funny characters.

An odd manga ;)

synopsis by Souhaku

Name Size Downloads Date
NHK ni Youkoso ! v03c15 12.89 MB 2515 2005-06-28
NHK ni Youkoso ! v03c14 8.87 MB 2220 2005-03-30
NHK ni Youkoso ! v03c13 9.74 MB 2138 2005-03-28
NHK ni Youkoso ! v03c12 15.41 MB 2226 2005-03-28
NHK ni Youkoso ! v03c11 11.84 MB 2543 2005-02-14
NHK ni Youkoso ! v02 48.48 MB 4246 2005-01-24
NHK ni Youkoso ! v01 41.69 MB 5151 2004-12-30

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