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King of Thorns
King of Thorns
Scanlation Team(s) : MangaScreener
Status : in progress
Mangaka : IWAHARA Yuji
Numbers of volumes in Japan : 4
Synopsis :
The petrificating disease "Medusa" has leaked to the populace of the world and numerous people are dying, but in Japan a project to freeze 160 infected people to be thawed when there is a cure has been set into motion. Yet problems occur and when #79 Kasumi and the rest of the frozen wake, it is to a world covered in thorns and filled with monsters. How long have they been frozen? How will they survive? What has happened to the earth? And who is the "King of Thorns"?

Synopsis by uzumakiygddrasil

Name Size Downloads Date
King of Thorns v03c13 4.66 MB 3653 2005-04-16
King of Thorns v03c12 6.67 MB 3332 2005-04-16
King of Thorns v02c11 5.21 MB 2849 2005-04-02
King of Thorns v02c10 6.49 MB 2773 2005-04-02
King of Thorns v02c09 6.97 MB 2580 2004-11-23
King of Thorns v02c08 8.33 MB 4775 2004-10-22
King of Thorns v02c07 6.13 MB 2752 2004-09-14
King of Thorns v02c06 8.56 MB 2995 2004-09-05
King of Thorns v01 29.80 MB 4589 2004-05-14

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