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Addicted to Curry
Addicted to Curry
Scanlation Team(s) : Solaris-SVU, Yanime
Status : in progress
Mangaka : FUNATSU Kazuki
Numbers of volumes in Japan : Unknown
Synopsis :
Ah! the smell of caraway...the smell of curry!Welcome to the wonderful world of Curry! In Addicted to curry, you WILL get addicted! Koenji Makito, who was starved and dying in the middle of the road, is discoverd or found, by Sonezaki Yui,a first year high school student with 79-57-80 *drools*....ok getting back to the main title. Addicted to Curry is all about curry, Makito finds out that his friend, Sonezaki Souichirou's curry house is out of business, and he himself is missing. Seeing Yui's sad face, Makito decides to save the buisness by cooking the curry there. As soon as their buisness is picking up, trouble sprouts its leaves...challenging Makito and the shop! Join Makito & Yui in this exiciting and tasty story, just as soon as you start reading, u WILL get 'Addicted To Curry'~!
synopsis by Chocopanda
Name Size Downloads Date
Addicted To Curry v04 c41 3.54 MB 2601 2005-09-12
Addicted to Curry v04 c40 3.52 MB 3614 2005-08-14
Addicted to Curry v04 c39 3.60 MB 3428 2005-08-10
Addicted to Curry v04 c38 4.02 MB 3756 2005-06-21
Addicted to Curry v04 c37 4.30 MB 2467 2005-05-29
Addicted to Curry v04 c36 4.27 MB 2693 2005-03-10
Addicted to Curry v04 c35 4.21 MB 2608 2005-02-27
Addicted to Curry v04 c34 4.42 MB 2637 2005-02-22
Addicted to Curry v04 c33 4.38 MB 2579 2005-02-06
Addicted to Curry v04 c32 6.49 MB 2878 2005-02-06
Addicted to Curry v03 48.65 MB 4020 2004-12-25
Addicted to Curry v02 44.44 MB 3585 2004-07-05
Addicted to Curry v01 44.97 MB 5328 2004-06-01

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